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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Finally! A free moment!

I was finally able to work on my family records yesterday for the first time in about 2 weeks. I updated my gedcom on Worldconnect afterwords and added about 50 new people to my family.

Today I noticed after googling a few key words to my web site that I no longer am the top dog on a Google search for many of my web pages. I had heard Google was going down hill fast. When I did a search on Altavista and Yahoo I came up with quite a few hits on my web site. Thanks to Hugh Watkins, a fellow Blogger, who turned me on to this activity. I am on top for Yahoo because of his blogging as well. He was correct when he said blogging was a useful activity! Cheers, Hugh!! I have to get back to my family records, now. The new cat decided the top of my large stack of unrecorded and unfiled documents was a great place to chase her tail of all things. Now I have a clean up to do! Did I title this blog A free moment? Ha!



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