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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Too busy!

I thought summer vacation time was supposed to be a relaxing time where I could get a bunch of my research done, get the house organized, enjoy NOT WORKING WITH KIDS FOR A SHORT TIME!!! HA! Seems like everyone else has plans for me. I have yet to really accomplish anything I had planned to do this summer. I thought I could use this blog to detail my research. What research? I am spending most of my time B_____ing about not having the time. Well, today I finally used the computer program I bought called GenSmarts. It gives you hints on where to look for your relatives records, connects you to the record and basically does a great deal for you. It makes research FUN! I am trying to document all the census entries I have found for my relatives by transcribing them into my database. This makes it much easier than searching for them all over again. I actually got a little done today. Who says I'm too busy?



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