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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Civil War research at its best!!

I have been in Washington, D. C. for the last week playing stupid tourist, but while I was there I also had the opportunity to spend a day doing research at the National Archives. I read records made during the Revolutionary War, the Mexican War, War of 1812, and the Civil War. I was able to make a GREAT discovery about my ancestors that fought and died during the Civil War. I was able to find the records of three brothers that enlisted in the Confederate Army after their youngest brother was murdered while trying to enlist in the Confederate Army near Nevada, Missouri. I was able to find where my great great grandfather died during the Civil War, which until this point I was not sure of. Since the records are so scarce and incomplete I will never be exactly 100% certain I have the correct person, but the evidence is very strong that George W. Tucker died at Little Rock, Arkansas January 22, 1863. I will be detailing this information on my family website to a greater extent later at under the link The Blue and the Gray. I'm in Virginia Beach, VA now and need to get outside and get sunburned on the beach by the ocean, so see ya!!



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