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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Summer is almost over

Well, summer is almost over and I have accomplished very little of what I set out to do for myself. Maybe I was expecting too much out of myself. Who knows. Instead of all the chores I had lined out to do I spent a lot of time with my daughter. We traveled to Kansas and Oklahoma to visit relatives she had never met or those we hadn't seen in way too long. We also took a driving trip to Washington, D. C. and then on to Virginia Beach for a few days. I guess if you look at it that way I did something much more important than some dumb cleaning and straightening that can be done any time. I spent time with some very special people and a lot of time with one of my most favorite people. I guess that made my summer a great success. Too bad it is almost over. I have to go back to the real world in just a couple of weeks. I guess I still have time to get in some cleaning. HMMM. I wonder if I can plan another trip instead .
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