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Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day!! Yahoo!

Today is Labor Day and we labored really hard. My husband finished (almost) the new patio under our deck today. It's big; about 10x40. I cleaned up the inside of the house and Freecycled a bunch of stuff. If you don't know about Freecycle go to the web site and read. It's a great way to get rid of stuff you don't want by giving it to someone that does. I hate garage sales-don't have the patience for either having or visiting one. It's like ebay but no money changes hands. It's all FREE.

While I was working I was thinking about my genealogy. When I was in Virginia I found a little bit of stuff on Shadrach Blankenship. I need to research him more. He is my husbands 5th or 6th great grandfather. I also need to do more research on my husband's great grandfather and his family. I recently discovered that he is buried in the same cemetery as my husband's grandfather and gr gr grandmother. A distant relative emailed me a copy of the birth and death pages from the family bible so I have a lot more info to go on. It only gave the dates but it's alot more than I have had in the past! I wish I could have worked on that instead of cleaning, but sometimes ya gotta do stuff ya don't like. If you read my earlier Blogs you know I hate housework. Well, being a teacher I also have papers to grade even though it is a holiday weekend. Parents don't care if a teacher has a life. Their students/children are very important so for nine months out of the year I must do my job and do it well. The other three months are MINE!!! See ya!



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