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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Web Site Address

One thing I forgot to mention in the blog I just posted is that I am down-sizing. I have dumped my house phone in favor of a cell phone, I may dump a couple of my personal web sites and I have dumped my personalized domain names for my family web site. I had no problem with the service from Godaddy, just am getting cheap in my old age. My web address is now known as Cindy Blankenship's Family Site on Rootsweb. The web address is so stop by and visit. Let me know what you think. See Ya!


A New Day Dawns?

Well, I found a place to work where I think I will be a lot happier. I hope I am not mistaken. I am gaining experience with special needs children in a place that is close to home. It seems to be a nice place to work. We'll see. I am also finally getting back to my hobbies of weaving and family history. This summer I guess I needed to recover from the garbage thrown at me at the school district I worked for. I had no desire to do anything that I usually enjoy. I hear the problems are still continuing. The superintendent is quitting and leaving them high and dry after all the promises he made. What's new? I guess he figures the problems are too much trouble to fix. Who knows. It is a revolving door there anyway as far as administrators are concerned. I have ALMOST made the decision to eliminate 2 of my three web sites. My new place of work doesn't want me to stress out my co-workers by having a web site for my parents-dumb, but that's ok. I also put out a survey to close family members to see if they even bother to visit the private web site where all of my unedited research is stored. I recieved ONE response-from someone who had never even bothered to visit and see what it is all about. It really pissed me off. I hope my reply wasn't too snotty to him. I get tired of trying sometimes. A lot of times. No one cares but me so screw those that don't, I guess. Those that don't remember history are destined to repeat it (in more ways than one). It is always beneficial to understand where your family came from in order to understand who you are. Perhaps some day more people will understand that.