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Monday, June 23, 2008

What was I thnking!!??

Well, it is summer break again and I have chosen several projects to do while I'm off work. Oh, wait. For the first time in 30 years I have agreed to teach summer school. What was I thinking!!?? I have stripped the wallpaper from two bathrooms and repainted one of them. I have been trying out the spong painting technique using 3 shades of paint and a sea sponge. It looks really nice. I also added a nice decorative shelf in the bathroom as well. It will be my guest bathroom when the kids finish moving out this summer. I am starting the painting process on the second bathroom today. I have to work really quickly and get it done because I have agreed to teach the last half of summer school. I finally feeel like doing something inside the house (NOT cleaning technically) and I don't have my whole summer break to do it. Oh well. It'll be FUN to go to work for three weeks. It will get me out of the house. It will probably save me from stripping the wallpaper in the family room!! YEAH! That is going to be an awful job when I get to it. Maybe next summer? Who knows. Well, gotta get to work. I'm doing this instead of my favorite hobbies. It has really surprised my family I think. Always need to keep them on their toes LOL. See ya!