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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Too busy!

I thought summer vacation time was supposed to be a relaxing time where I could get a bunch of my research done, get the house organized, enjoy NOT WORKING WITH KIDS FOR A SHORT TIME!!! HA! Seems like everyone else has plans for me. I have yet to really accomplish anything I had planned to do this summer. I thought I could use this blog to detail my research. What research? I am spending most of my time B_____ing about not having the time. Well, today I finally used the computer program I bought called GenSmarts. It gives you hints on where to look for your relatives records, connects you to the record and basically does a great deal for you. It makes research FUN! I am trying to document all the census entries I have found for my relatives by transcribing them into my database. This makes it much easier than searching for them all over again. I actually got a little done today. Who says I'm too busy?


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Finally! A free moment!

I was finally able to work on my family records yesterday for the first time in about 2 weeks. I updated my gedcom on Worldconnect afterwords and added about 50 new people to my family.

Today I noticed after googling a few key words to my web site that I no longer am the top dog on a Google search for many of my web pages. I had heard Google was going down hill fast. When I did a search on Altavista and Yahoo I came up with quite a few hits on my web site. Thanks to Hugh Watkins, a fellow Blogger, who turned me on to this activity. I am on top for Yahoo because of his blogging as well. He was correct when he said blogging was a useful activity! Cheers, Hugh!! I have to get back to my family records, now. The new cat decided the top of my large stack of unrecorded and unfiled documents was a great place to chase her tail of all things. Now I have a clean up to do! Did I title this blog A free moment? Ha!


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Housework stinks, too!

I'm having company today so I thought I'd be polite and get the dog hair off the couch and dig the Milkbones out of the corner of the chair before they got here. I'm looking forward to the visit. We don't see much of them because they live so far away. Maybe I'll get some good family info from our visit. Maybe I'll just enjoy the GREAT company!! I get tired of talking to the dog. She never listens to me anyway. She'd rather chase the new fur toy called CAT.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

HTML stinks sometimes!

I worked yesterday afternoon to update my webpage on Rootsweb. I added a link to this BLOG spot, addeded a sitemap powered by freefind (which is pretty cool!), then revised all my headers so they made sense when the site map was used. Blah, Blah, BLah. Then I got the bright (or not so bright) idea of adding a counter on my web site. I've had this site for years and got along just fine without one...until yesterday. SOOO Iwent and copied the HTML on Rootsweb for a counter and happily inserted it just where I wanted it. Didn't work. All I saw was raw code. No cute flourescent green numbers or nuthin. Just code. ARRGGGH. Went to a different free site to get different code. Same issue. After fighting it for some time did the usual thing and gave up. HMMMP. Didn't need a stinking counter anyway. Sour grapes. Today I got the bright idea again. A counter would look really cool. It would show just how popular (or unpopular) my site is. Maybe that will be an ego shot. Not sure yet. Let's see the stats first. FINALLY figured out to do the smart thing, you know, follow directions. Went to the FAQ for Rootsweb and BINGO. Frontpage is sneaky and changes the code so it doesn't work unless you jump through the Frontpage hoops per usual. So now almost 24 hours later I have a nifty green counter that sadly says you are the 00002 visitor to my website since the counter was installed. Come visit me so I can rejoice when the number says 00003!!


Monday, June 13, 2005

I win!!

Don't know what I did but I see now that I am published and reading the help section didn't help. Guess I'm a natural blonde genius-HA. So if you vist me here also visit my web page here:

I also own my own domain name which is:

That is the same as the first link but I like it better. What do you think?


Ain't technology grand?

After struggling for several hours last night after setting up this blog I gave up and went to bed without being able to publish this. I got up this morning and decided this thing was not going to get the better of me. I have ALL summer to get this up and running the way I want. We'll see who wins. Round one went to the blog spot, but I'm determined to get it right. Even if it means reading the directions on the help page!!


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Welcome to my BLOG spot

This is my first attempt at blogging. I intend to keep a diary of my research attempts, the steps I have taken and what I have found out about my family's history. Well, here goes nothing! I hope you enjoy my stories, successes and yes, my failures as far as my family history is concerned. Perhaps I will go back to the beginning and write about why I began this search for my "Roots". We'll see. Here is the URL to my website:

See Ya!